About us

North Lake Storage is a family owned and operated storage business located at 14048 North Territorial Road, Chelsea, Michigan. North Lake Storage has been supplying indoor storage and watercraft services to local boat owners since 1990. From transporting and launching your boat in the spring to picking up your boat and winterizing it in the fall, North Lake Storage can help you care for and enjoy your maritime investment.

We are completely owner operated. North Lake Storage is run by the very small crew of Richard and Shirley Girard and their two sons, Darren Girard and Garth Girard. We can help you with your boat because we “know” your boat and you. If you have not met all of us, please stop by the yard. We enjoy taking a break every once in a while to talk with our customers. However, if you stop by in October, bring some running shoes. You’ll need them to keep up.

We store everything and we store everything indoors. All of our storage is inside. Operating out of multiple storage pole barns built by the North Lake Storage family, we can help keep your summer-time investment safe and secure from Mother Nature when it isn’t boating season. We store pontoon boats, deck boats, ski boats, fishing boats, jet skis, cars, golf carts, recreational vehicles, trailers, and motorcycles. If it floats or has tires, we can store it safely for you.

Should you be interested in a clean, dry, totally enclosed environment for your boat next winter that will protect it from the elements without the need for wasteful and environmentally unfriendly shrink wrapping, we encourage you to reserve a space with North Lake Storage. I think there are two spots left, so you better hurry!

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