Summer Storage

May 15th – September 30th

Here are just some of the advantages of indoor Summer storage for your boat, jet ski, camper, motorhome and travel trailer:

  • Out of elements
  • Protection from sun-fading
  • Easy in / easy out
  • Unit in secured building
  • 12 minutes away from Portage Lake “Chain of Lakes”
  • 10 minutes away from Halfmoon Lake “Chain of Lakes”
  • 5 minutes away from North Lake
  • You will have use of your garage or driveway for your vehicle
  • You will not have to park your boat in the weeds or worry about the grass clippings sticking to your boat
  • North Lake Storage and Service can arrange to have anything on your boat or camper fixed before your vacation begins.

Package A – $225

  • Indoor storage for entire season with up to 3 in/out trips (after 3, $30 per in/out trip)
  • Pick up your boat, camper, motorhome or travel trailer at time requested in easy drive-thru parking lot
  • Drop it off when you are done with it at same drive-thru parking lot.  We will then put it back into storage for you.
  • NLSS will check the tire pressure before pick up

Package B – $275 (Package A plus the following)

  • Unlimited in/out trips
  • NLSS will charge your battery once per month

Package C – $475 (Package B plus the following)

  • NLSS will charge your battery before every pick up
  • NLSS will perform a start up before pick up
  • NLSS will check your oil levels before pick up
  • NLSS will report to you anything critical that should be addressed prior to pick up
  • NLSS, at your request, will fill your gas tank ¹
  • NLSS, at your request, will fill or exchange your propane tank ¹
  • NLSS will check the lights on your trailer ¹
  • NLSS will wipe down and clean your boat (camper, motorhome and travel trailer excluded)
  • NLSS will dispose of all garbage (camper, motorhome and travel trailer excluded)

¹ all costs associated to be paid by owner as a separate charge

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