Boats For Sale


If you are thinking of buying a boat or watercraft, look to North Lake Storage for help. Get on our Waiting List for upcoming sales. We know a lot of people with boats. We take care of our customer’s boats as if they were our own. But every year someone decides that they want something different. Let us know what size and type of boat you are looking for and what is your price range. If something comes up for sale, we will then contact you and give you the first opportunity to buy the boat that is for sale. Our customer’s boats are very well taken care of. Just ask us. And if you have any questions regarding boat maintenance and up keep, we will be happy to help you.

If you are a North Lake Storage customer and you are thinking of selling your boat, North Lake Storage can find you a buyer. We typically have a list of potential buyers just waiting for a phone call. Let us handle the transaction. We will advertise the boat for sale and display the boat on our commercial property along North Territorial Road, Chelsea, Michigan. We will take potential buyers for a final test drive of the watercraft, for an on the water inspection. We want to help unite boats and their future boat owners. And maybe that new owner will consider indoor storage with North Lake Storage.

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